We live during a time where we’re continually besieged by pictures from each possible heading, and thus we once in a while stop to take a look at them for more than few seconds, except if they accompany the guarantee of a noticeable spot. However, sometimes a photo that looks completely boring and mundane at first glance can reveal mind-blowing details once you bother to take a closer look at it. Below are some remarkable photos hiding something that will change your world.

#11. Wait for Me, Daddy, 1940


The photograph ‘ Wait for me, Daddy’ demonstrates Private Jack Bernard, B.C. Regiment bidding farewell to his child Warren Bernard in New Westminster, 1940. The photograph was taken in Vancouver by Claude Detloff. The warriors of the Duke of Connaught’s Own Rifles arranged to battle in World War II. However, one kid hurried to his father. Fortunately, the trooper came back to him in one piece.

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