When it comes to Astrology, a significant number of us believe in and many don’t, but the fact that there are some qualities that are best defined by the individual zodiac sign and are fairly precise to some degree is well known and considered by many of us.

When we go into depth, slowly and gradually we start finding that many of muddles along with some of the signs much better than with the others even without any reasonable clarification and explanations. But have we ever wondered how these signs of the zodiac can actually help us choose the correct girlfriend or wife? If not, here are some of the 12 girlfriends/ wives that are ranked best according to their zodiac signs.

#1. Scorpio


While dating scorpion women, it should be kept in mind that by nature these women are honest and realistic and attempt to control all around them. Not everyone can handle their sharp phrases because they have nothing to hold back and need someone with a thick skin that can readily welcome their honesty and sharpness.

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