Because of their caring and stress-relieving temperament, cats have always been favored as domestic animals. For many reasons, many people own this adorable creature. Not only is our generation fascinated with cats, but because of its enigmatic nature, our ancestors were also once obsessed by this ancient animal. Our feline friends have been worshiped and hated at the same time in our history for their angelic and devilish motives.

However, here are some of our bygone culture’s most fanciful and shocking myths that will certainly tingle your backbone.



Most people have believed years ago that a cat was capable of taking a newborn life for multiple reasons ranging from jealousy to the taste of milk on baby’s lips that cause the animal to murder the child. A newspaper reported in 1929 that a veterinarian observed a cat sitting over an infant’s breast by suffocating it to death by pressing its lips with its own mouth.

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