For a spot that professes to be one of the most joyful places on earth, Disneyland is shockingly severe, while most guests are occupied rush chasing and snapping selfies with Mickey Mouse, they’re willfully ignorant that these parks are kept running with military-style exactness. There are decides that staff — known as “cast individuals” — are quick to implement. From what guests wear to the sacks they convey, and even the size of kid buggy utilized, staff will watch ensure Disney guidelines are being pursued precisely.

#15. Leave Those Costumes At Home (Unless You’re Under 14)


There is just a single Mickey Mouse, much the same as there can’t be more than one Snow White strolling around the recreation center. This is the reason it’s against park rules for anybody beyond 14 a years old take on the appearance of a Disney character – it abstains from befuddling little youngsters.

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