Medicare data showed that last year, 22 transgender men gave birth all over Australia. Taking into account this data, an Australian academic said that it can be considered “masculine” to be pregnant, a term which was once always associated with women. Dr Lauren Rosewarne is a senior professor in social and political sciences at the University of Melbourne and made the above comment in a debate.


Dr Lauren was in a debate where the broadcaster claimed that ‘having a baby challenges your very masculinity’, to which the doctor replied ‘Masculinity means different things to different people. I’m sure your masculinity is different to any other man in your office.’ Further data shows that over the past decade 228 transgender men of Australia gave birth to children. While keeping these figures in mind, Dr Lauren said that people who were biologically born females could become quite masculine even without having a sex change surgery. ‘They may not have necessarily had an operation, but they now identify as male,’ she said. ‘For them, they consider their entire identity wrapped up in the identity of a male, therefore they refer as males.’

“It is something culturally we have to think more about and it’s jarring for some people,” Dr Rosewarne said. “Jarring is not a bad thing, we all have to adjust our way of thinking. It’s not just about what bits you have.” She said this in reference to the fact that we, as a society, have to change the way we perceive genders and need to adjust to the idea of people being of any gender that they want.