Dogs are lovable creatures and the people who shoot dogs are just horrible human beings. This is the story of a blind, pregnant, and battered stray dog that turned into a therapy dog. A man was walking on the streets of Lebanon when he came upon a sight that sent chills down his soul. There was a stray dog that was tied to a box and the condition of the dog was just horrible. One of the ears of the dog was cut off, she was blind, and her body had many gunshot wounds, everything on top of her being pregnant. The dog had been shot 17 times before she was found by the heroic passerby.

therapy dog

Upon finding her, the passerby did the humane thing and picked her up. He took her to his home in Beirut where he provided her with the medical attention that she desperately needed. The staff at Wild At Heart Foundation, a UK-based rescue organization, gave the dog a name, Maggie. They also promised the passerby that they would find the perfect family where Maggie would be adopted.

Kasey Carlin saw a picture of Maggie and instantly knew that she would be his companion. At that time, Kasey was struggling with depression. He was having a hard time connecting with people and was looking for a therapy animal. After all the horrors in her past, Maggie finally found love at Kasey’s home and began to thrive. However, she was not the only one benefitting out of the relationship. Kasey was thriving too and it was all because of the joyous and loving nature of Maggie. Kasey began to break down his walls that he had built to keep people away and emerged from his shell. He found happiness in his life and it was all because of Maggie that had gone from being a battered dog to a therapy dog.