A blood-soaked man weilding a knife was arrested in Sydney, in a spot quite close to where a woman’s body was found with her throat slashed. It is still not known if there is a connection between the two incidents. However, there were many bystanders, armed with chairs and milk crates, who chased down the man. This happened around 2 PM in Wynyard Street after he was thought to have stabbed multiple people.

The man in question, Mert Ney, is a 21-year old man who was from Blacktown in Sydney West, and had allegedly escaped a mental institution. There are allegations of this man killing the 21-year old woman in her apartment and another person in the back alley of a nearby pub. He was screaming “Allahu Akbar” and other religious slogans. However, this has been reported as a sole incident and there are no links between this man and any terrorist organization in the world. The Police Commissioner, Mick Fuller, said that there was some information found on the person, including a USB stick that had some ideologies that were related to terrorism.


There were also references to the New Zealand church mass shooting and other mass shootings in the USA, including the Christchurch mass shooting in March. People on the streets took videos of the man shouting and running through the streets. He was wearing a grey hooded jumper and holding a large knife. He jumped on the hood of a Mercedes-Benz in the intersection and shouted for someone to shoot him in the head. It was known that Ney was mentally unstable and was mandated to a mental institution by a local court. The witnesses to the crime were able to subdue the man with chairs and held a milk crate on his head while waiting for the police to arrive and arrest him.