We all have traveled in flights numerous times and quite at times are fascinated by their hospitality. But this Argentina flight turned out to be an exception out of all when recently they “Kicked Off” a British student out of the airplane due to her allergy. Kind of Strange? But yes, Its True!

The British trainee teacher Meleri Williams was thrown out of the flight back in Argentina when she informed the crew members of the plane about her “Nut” allergy. While boarding up on the plane she chose to speak with the staff as other individuals do with some sensitivity however as opposed to helping her out they booted off her from the plane.


Rather than not serving the nuts on the plane and denying them to expedite plane, the staff from carrier Aerolineas Argentinas requested 20-year-old Meleri to leave the airplane before take-off.

The student was left shocked by the ban and as a result of this mistreatment she has to make a journey by taking a 26 hours bus ride. She stated that her allergy was extremely severe and could lead her to Anaphylactic shock in which she could even possibly die.

She also explained to the staff that she could get that life threatening shock if she is enclosed in the environment where nuts are being consumed but unfortunately after her long endeavors the airline was not at all convinced to cooperate with her.


In the meantime, the news control over social media and the UK charity Anaphylaxis Campaign stated that all the airlines have different approaches for protecting travelers with hypersensitivity.

A spokesperson also said that they were disheartened to find out about the alleged incident on the Aerolíneas Argentinas flight as flying with food sensitivity can be quite risky and full of anxiety for the patient and now when such a case has occurred, the airline’s industry is trying to figure out some measures for the concerned problem.


“Moreover, the Anaphylaxis Campaign has been engaged with meetings with the Aviation Minister, the Civil Aviation Authority, Airlines UK and other key gatherings to see improved lucidity and consistency in how the flying sector manages allergies.”

Earlier this year easyJet banned the sale of nuts on their flights.