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Job Description

Corporate Human Resources Kompas Gramedia (also known as Growth Center Kompas Gramedia) is looking for a Freelance Course Analyst. The freelance will be working in the Kognisi project, our online learning platform both for internal Kompas Gramedia employees and external client partners, create content/animation learning videos that are relevant to the target audience, and ensuring the accomplishment of course development in the set project time period.

There a huge variety of course project topics, including but not limited to: Digital Marketing, Digital Media & Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Content & Content Marketing, Journalism, CRM, Agribusiness, Agriculture, Maritime, Law, Leadership, Management, etc.

Conduct learning course topics or titles research comprehensively and validly.

Design learning syllabuses in accordance with course topics and/or subjects;

Actively collaborate with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in every learning course development process;

Collaborate with video director, videographer, and video editor during the learning course production;

Design scripts and/or talking points in accordance with the learning course syllabus;

Design questions/quizzes/mini projects/final assignments in accordance with the learning course topic or title;

Compile the course learning materials into a cheat sheet or summary;

Ensure the production of courses into a digital format according to the syllabus and the specified format

QC on scripts/scripts and videos
Minimum Bachelor Degree from any discipline

Minimum 6 months experience in develop course

Interested and passionate in people development

Interest andability to work in an agile environment.

Have the ability to analyze course needs

Experienced as an Instructional Designer or Learning Designer.

Experienced in conducting material research and designing syllabus

Having the ability to create scripts/video scripts, experience in making scripts for learning videos will be a plus.

Mastering techniques in making various forms of assessment (multiple choice, essays, true-false, etc.)

Understand how to make a summary or cheatsheet in one video topic

Have the ability to speak good and correct Indonesian in accordance with EBI rules and regulations PUEBI

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