A poor young man in China decided to travel nearly 1500 miles (2400 kilometers) to surprise his girlfriend. Since China is a big country, it takes a lot of dedication and love to travel that far. This particular man did so in order to give a birthday surprise to his girlfriend. He wore a Teddy Bear costume and met her in a public place. However, when he reached the place where his girlfriend was, he discovered that she was in the arms of another man.


People clicked pictures and recorded videos of the incidents, posting them on Twitter and Weibo. A picture of the girl with her latest boyfriend was posted where she was wrapped tightly in his arms. Upon noticing his girl in another’s arm, the man in the Teddy Bear costume ran away in anger while she chased after him in apology. Another picture was posted which showed that the man put the teddy head back on in order to hide his tears from the betrayal. Internet users from all over the world have criticized the girl for cheating on the loving guy. Everyone posted that the guy should never forgive the girl and just find another one who would love him as much as he deserved.

Seeing the way that the new guy held the girl, it was pretty clear that they did not just start the relationship and had been dating for quite a while. However, the way that she ran after her old boyfriend, it was clear that she did not love the new guy as much as the older one. It is pretty unclear what she wanted and is probably just a confused girl who wanted some physical attraction that she was not getting from her long distance relationship. She should have just communicated better with her boyfriend and have waited for him to show up.