There are many sightings of ghosts all around the world but most of them are either dismissed as optical illusions or simply a work of art through Photoshop or camera tricks. And then there are some which are quite authentic and work as a magic to freak people out. Every time a new picture or video of a ghost surfaces, there are speculations of it being real or fake and the case is quite similar to this picture that was found by a girl. She claims that the picture is authentic and has not been tampered with ever since it was clicked. Lynda claims that the picture of her grandmother was taken more than a hundred years ago and it has remained in the family ever since.

She fondly says that her father likes to call the picture a family ghost picture. “Great to see an old photo of my Granny, in the by-gone years photo, when she worked at the mill. She was Ellen Donnelly (nee McKillop) and she is fourth on the right in the second row down. My dad has this photo at home… a family ghost picture!!” she says. The picture is of a group of girls who worked at a linen factory. If you are unable to spot the mysterious ghost hand in the picture, look closely at Lynda’s grandmother’s shoulder and you will see a disembodied hand resting there.

Each one of the girls in the picture has her arms crossed which makes it pretty weird that there is a hand coming out of nowhere. It is also impossible for anyone to put their hands on Lynda’s grandmother because she is standing a short distance away from the woman at her right and there is no one on her left. “I don’t really believe in ghosts,” said Lynda, “but there have been a few odd going-ons around this photo, so I hope this doesn’t cause any more!”