Golf is one of the wealthy’s widely known sports, the sport is not only played by a significant number of people but is also enjoyed by a large number of spectators. Golf has always titled as a sport of mirth which requires good commitment and dexterity.

We are all familiar to many of the successful male sportsmen who embraced this game beautifully but the game generally draws a high percentage of viewers when it comes to female sportspersons and that is due to the hotness of the female golfers who soar the temperature of the ground with their attractive outfits.

Here are some of the hottest and sizzling female golf players who are hard to ignore on the ground with their revealing outfits.

#1. Who has the right to put a fine?


Golf as a sport is an interesting and entertaining activity, but many people may not like the antiquated dress code when it comes to the game. Recently the guidelines for the dress code have even got worse by imposing Scarlett Johansson with a heavy fine for wearing low plunging necklines on the field.

#2. Fitness gear


Many of us are a big fan of Zoë Klopfer, one of the finest beauty and blazing figures. For her performance and aesthetic appearance, the golfer has an enormous online life fan base. Over here she is donning one of the fitness gears that she is promoting and indubitably she is looking excessively more blazing.

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