One of the biggest stars of football who is adored and admired by many for his perfect play and hated by others for his on and of field attitude has recently confessed about how upset he was about the Kathryn Mayorga’s false rape allegation held back in June 2009.

Cristiano admitted to Piers in a recent television interview about how he felt ashamed and embarrassed while trying to shield his family from the June 2009 allegations of sexually assaulting Kathryn Mayorga at a Las Vegas hotel.


He had allegations in June 2009 that he had raped a woman in the United States, but he strongly denied the allegations and the case was closed ten years ago. The case reopened in 2018 when in September Mayorga submitted a defamation suit and provided information that she originally denied.

In an interview, he told the’ Good Morning Britain’ that he remembered vividly the day he was at home with his wife and both of them watched television with his accusations of rape news and how he suddenly switched the television channels by not allowing his children to listen to all the bad news about their dad. He also added that he felt upset over the rape claims.


This year, judges announced that they would not prosecute the case because the accusations could not “be proved beyond the shadow of a doubt.”

The erstwhile Manchester United great uncovered that the accusations had taken a heavy toll on him while he tried to protect his kids from the reports.